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We are currently seeking one individual to join our R&D department. **STILL LOOKING!**

Silicone Intake Systems/FrozenBoost is currently in the beginning stages of pioneering seven new product lines. There are several skills that we need to add to our small development team. This position will require working closely with the company ownership to develop new automotive aftermarket products for manufacture.

Pay is negotiable. For a highly qualified candidate we might offer a percentage of the gross sales on the new product line for the first year in addition to competitive base salary. This job will most likely involve a lot of getting paid to play with cars, including our shop car and, optionally, your own car. It will not involve any work on customer cars � this is an R&D job. If you like finding or improvising new ways to modify cars, this is the job for you.

This is a list of needed skills, ranked in order of importance:

PCB and chip design for manufacture
Knowledge of needed materials and where to acquire
Firmware development
C coding skills
USB interfacing to PC knowledge

We can�t tell you what the projects are here. As an example of what is involved, imagine building this: from scratch, including all electronics and software, with the added functionality of firing a missile whenever someone walks by and logging the event in internal memory accessible to the PC. If you would be comfortable with this project, most of what we are doing would be within your skill range. We will be counting on you to perform almost all of the technical aspects of development. Job is located in Colorado Springs.

Email us through our contact page! If you�re the type of person who likes to call, this job probably isn�t for you!

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