Our In Stock Guarantee

Any item that you order through our website is in stock and will ship within one business day!

This is NOT a guarantee that every item listed on our website will be in stock - rather, it is a guarantee that if our website lets you order it, it IS IN STOCK. If you attempt to order an item that is not in stock, the website will prevent you from completing the order and this guarantee will not be applicable.

Essentially, this is a guarantee that our online inventory is accurate.

Inventory errors affect less than 1% of our orders. If your order is affected, we will notify you instantly and offer a 20% discount on your (previously undiscounted) order. The 20% discount will apply to all other items on your order that are able to ship, your substitution part if applicable, or the entire order if you are able to wait until we get it in stock, up to the value of the item that was out of stock.

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