Credit Card Security

A few of our customers have preferred to phone their orders in instead of using our secure online ordering. We are happy to receive a phone order and do enjoy talking to you.

However, it is our concern that some people do not trust our website because of misconceptions about internet security. Our company provides an extreme and exactly equal level of security and safety for phone orders and internet orders. For other websites, giving your credit card information online is usually safer than phoning your order in.

Please take a moment to consider three scenarios: ordering from a different website via telephone with your credit card, ordering from us using our website, and ordering from us using the telephone.

Ordering from a different website via telephone with your credit card

1. You pick up the phone to place an order (if you're using a cordless, anybody with a simple scanner can hear your entire conversation).

2. The person who answers the phone writes down your order and credit card information. Because it is now on paper, anyone in the area can see it (no clearance required!)

3. Somebody else might actually process the credit card information and order. Many online businesses process ALL credit card transactions online - in fact the one in eight online stores that uses Yahoo Merchant Solutions all have access to online credit card processing! Additional equipment would cost needless dollars - ultimately raising their prices. So even if you order in this way from any website, chances are that your credit card number will still be typed in to a website! When the processor is finished with your order, they may throw the hard copy of your order away where it is still at risk of being copied.

The number of people who see your credit card information is very large. Any one of them could acquire it for illegitimate use. (Not to mention that it dramatically raises the chances that someone along the line will mess up your order.) This applies to any telephone order that you place from websites, Chinese food delivery restaurants, and EVERY TIME YOU GIVE YOUR CARD INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE!

Ordering online through OUR website

We use Paypal Website Payments Pro for our website and credit card processing. It goes without saying that Paypal is an incredibly large company that is dedicated to protecting your sensitive data. All of your order data is encrypted as soon as you click "checkout" in your shopping cart.

When you order through our website, nobody at our company ever has access to your credit card data. Because our system is fully automated, we have no need for the data and we do not store it.

Ordering items from us using the telephone

After we pick up the phone for a phone order, the first thing we do is go to our own website!

That's right - we actually place your order for you on our website when you phone in your order.

There are several reasons for this. First, our online inventory is very accurate. To verify that your items are in stock and to keep it accurate, we must place your order in this way. Second, we have a very efficient order processing method that requires all orders to be standardized. Third, we have 100% confidence in our online credit card security.

Please place your order online for maximum security!!!

For additional tips on internet credit card security, please visit

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