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Custom Aluminum V-Band Intake Flange for super high boost!

Custom Aluminum V-Band Intake Flange

1.5" Aluminum V-Band Clamp Rings (Set of 2)

SIL000259 by Silicone Intake Systems

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Aluminum V-band assemblies with O-rings are the strongest and most leakproof way to connect your intake components. If you're running more than 75 PSI, or if you don't mind putting in some extra work to get an especially nice looking and leakproof intake, this system is just right.

These 6061-T6 aluminum V-band clamp rings (also known as pipe ends) are designed for welding to your aluminum pipes and clamping together with one of our V-band clamps. The end result is an intake that will handle massive pressure, be impossible to put together wrong, never leak, and be very lightweight compared to just about anything else you could use. Another advantage of our aluminum V-band clamp rings is that they can be welded to our aluminum intercoolers.

These V-band clamp rings come with a gasket as shown in the picture. The gasket helps to reduce leaks even farther in any temperature conditions, but the v-band rings can also be installed without the gasket. Using our V-band rings and clamps, you can install stainless steel components right next to aluminum components. For example, you can install a stainless steel flex section with SS v-band rings into an aluminum pipe with aluminum v-band rings. This way you can get the affordability and light weight of aluminum pipes with the material characteristics of stainless steel where needed.

These are numbered based on the inner diameter of the pipe.

Two rings and the O-ring are included.

V-Band Ring

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