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The HKS Style BOV Flange is simple and effective.

HKS Style BOV Flange

Universal BOV with HKS Style Flange - Silver (Type 14)

BOV000497 by Shaman Equipment

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The same HKS style flange without the unusual layout. This BOV uses an HKS SQV style flange and is similar in styling.

There are some very important things to consider before purchasing a blow-off valve:

  • Do you need to recirculate your BOV into your intake? Check out our article on BOV myths right HERE.
  • Do you REALLY understand how a BOV works (not just what it does!) and how to install and adjust it properly? Check out our article on BOV myths right HERE.
  • Do you trust your BOV supplier to have a thorough understanding of the products they sell, make sure you know exactly what you are getting, and ship quickly and perfectly? You can trust us. You can tell reading our articles above that we know what we are doing, and if you don't want to take our word for it on the shipping, just check out some of our testimonials right HERE.

Compare to our other blow-off valves:

Boost Strength High - 25+ PSI
Ease of Installation Lots of installation extras, but the flange must be welded on and the BOV is challenging to install in the flange.
Versatility Adjustable, but can not recirculate. Time consuming (but easy) to take apart if you need to adjust the spring. Easy to install either in an existing HKS style flange.
Prestige Styling is somewhat little known and plain. Designed to be similar to the HKS SSQV but even LOUDER.

What's Included?

  • BOV
  • Aluminum weld on mounting flange
  • O-ring for mounting flange
  • Clip for mounting flange
  • Air filter for your boost reference line
  • 2 BOV T's that can be used for tapping in to your reference line

Why should I choose this BOV?

  • You are running high boost. (Works fine with lower boost as well.)
  • You want to install in an HKS style flange.
  • Adjustability is important but you know your car is within the normal range.
  • You don't need to recirculate.

Installation Notes:

Installing the clip in the mounting flange can be very difficult. Needle nose pliers that curve down at the end are highly recommended, along with a brutish forearm. To get the O-ring to seat properly in the flange, install the BOV in the flange and twist it.

Special Notes:

Inlet: 1"
Outlet: 1.25"
Height: 3.25"
Flange size: 2.125"

This is not an HKS product. We are not affiliated with HKS in any way. This is not a duplicate, replica, knockoff, or reproduction of an HKS valve - the flange is just identical for your convenience.

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