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Aluminized Thermal Wrap

2" X 33' Aluminized Thermal Wrap for Intake Pipes

HEA000594 by Shaman Equipment

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Aluminized thermal wrap is perfect for insulating your intake pipe and dozens of other uses.

You've installed a high performance intercooler. Your cold air intake is just right, even if it meant taking out your headlight. Your turbo is the size of your head. With so much effort already going into a cold intake charge, why risk adding heat to it on the way to your intake manifold? Wrap your intake pipe with this aluminized thermal wrap to help keep engine bay heat out of the intake air.

This product is designed to be most efficient at keeping heat out, while exhaust wrap is more efficient at keeping heat in. Typically this could be said of any type of insulation that is shiny in appearance. This aluminized thermal wrap can be used in many different ways, such as wrapping electronics, water/air intercoolers and water/air intercooler lines, and fuel lines to manage heat. It is 0.8MM thick. 1/4" of overlap is recommended for optimal performance.

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