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Exhaust Band Clamp for mufflers, flex sections, etc.

Exhaust Band Clamp

Stainless Steel Exhaust Band Clamp, 4.5"

CLA000636 by Shaman Equipment

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These Stainless Steel Exhaust Clamps are perfect for clamping exhaust components, such as pipes, mufflers, flex sections, and catalytic converters. These are designed for clamping flared or slit-cut pipes.

Unlike some other clamps available, these are not marked with any company logo.

The clamping ability of these clamps is based on the outer diameter of the pipe you are clamping. They can accommodate a pipe up to 3.5MM larger in OD.

Clamping force is up to ten times greater than regular T-bolt clamps. Recommended installation torque: 50 ft-lbs.

These are made of 430 Stainless Steel and 1.25" wide.

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