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Titanium Turbo Blanket for T4
Titanium Turbo Blanket for T4Titanium Turbo Blanket for T4

T4 Turbo Blanket - Titanium

HEA009661 by Shaman Equipment

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A turbo blanket is a great add-on for engine bay heat management.

This T4 turbo blanket is designed to fit the average T4 turbo with no modifications. However, there are exactly ten million variations of the T4 on the market, so we can't say for sure if it will fit yours, but it's an excellent starting point and can be made to fit just about any T4-ballpark turbo with a little bit of cutting.

When you add horsepower to an engine one side effect is added heat generation. Most engines are designed to operate at 180F, however the exhaust gasses that leave the engine can easily be over ten times hotter than that, and it's common for turbos, exhaust manifolds and exhausts to sit right up against the engine or oil pan! When you have something that is 2000 degrees about two inches away from something you're trying to keep at 180 degrees, it's just common sense to use some kind of insulation. As an added bonus, you get better exhaust scavenging which will add some HP by keeping the heat in the exhaust gas.

Do you know how hot your engine bay is? You've got a big chunk of iron and aluminum and a couple gallons of water at 180 degrees, so that's a good starting point. Exhaust gas at up to 2000 degrees leaving the engine just exacerbates the issue. But what about all the sensitive electronics and expensive performance parts you want to keep cool? And what about your intake pipe which carries nice cool air from your intercooler (or outside the car) that you want to keep well below your engine temperature? Heat radiating from your turbo and exhaust is the #1 cause of performance-robbing engine bay heat, and probably the #1 cause of failing alternators and similar electronics in that area. Help control the problem by insulating your hot exhaust components.

This titanium color T4 Turbo Blanket is made from pulverized lava rock and stranded into a fiber material and is designed to be stronger than fiberglass blankets. It has the ability to handle higher heat for improved performance and durability. It has high resistance to chemical & oil spills and abrasions, and reduces temperature & vibration breakdown.

Titanium Turbo Blanket for T4Titanium Turbo Blanket for T4

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