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V Band Clamps for your exhaust needs!

V Band Clamps

4.0" V-Band Clamp

CLA000332 by Shaman Equipment

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These 304 stainless steel V-band clamps are designed for clamping exhaust components together.

These V-band clamps and rings are numbered based on the inner diameter of the pipe. Confused? just look at the Actual Clamping Ability below.

Designed as a replacement for old or inferior clamps, they include only what is shown, not the rings (also known as pipe ends).

Unlike some other V-band clamps available, these are not marked with any company logo. The only marking is a small, convenient number telling you the clamping ability (in MM).

V-band assemblies are the most versatile and reliable way to connect your exhaust components. With V-band assemblies, you achieve the flexibility to install and swap your exhaust parts easily while maintaining the sturdiness and leak-proofing of a welded exhaust.

Actual clamping ability is 4.52" to 4.83". V-Band clamping ability refers to the outer diameter of the ring of the V-band clamp ring. The low number here can be 0.01" to 0.05" lower than the actual outer diameter of the V-Band clamp ring you are clamping. These match the sizes on our V-band clamp rings perfectly.

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