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A perfect replacement air filter.

Replacement Air Filter

Dual-Cone Air Filter - chrome, 2.5" inlet

AIR002003 by Silicone Intake Systems

PRICE: $16.99

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A universal, high-flowing air filter for cold air intake installation on a round pipe.

These air filters have a special conical filter end cap design that increases the filter area by over 47%! The added filter area decreases intake restriction and increases airflow volume while the shape improves intake velocity. If you are currently running with a regular flat end cap design filter, it is worthwhile to upgrade to this style immediately.

Total Length: 6.0"

Filter Length: 5.0"

Diameter at Widest Point (base): 6.25"

Diameter at Tip: 5.25"

Dry Paper Filter, No Oil Required

Easy to Install

Fully Washable and Reusable

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