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We have the highest quality commercial garden hose.

Commercial Garden Hose

Industrial 3/4" garden hose kit (Per 10 Ft.)

WAT001014 by Shaman Equipment

PRICE: $44.99

In stock - Ships within One Business Day

This is the highest quality and strongest garden hose that you can buy.

This 3/4" hose flows 44% more than standard 5/8" hose! ((3.14159*(3/4/2)^2)-(3.14159*(5/8/2)^2))/(3.14159*(5/8/2)^2)=0.44

Designed for use in automotive applications carrying nearly boiling water through a 200 degree engine bay, it is also well suited for regular garden hose duty or for semi-permanent garden or fountain project installation.

Because of the thickness and strength of this hose, it s more resistant to kinking compared to regular garden hose.

Sold in 10 foot increments, each kit contains the following:

  • (1) Brass 3/4" NPS Male to 3/4" Barbed Straight (adapts the hose to a standard garden hose end).
  • (1) Brass 3/4" NPS Female to 3/4" Barbed Straight Swivel (adapts the hose to a standard garden hose faucet).
  • 10 feet of our super high quality 3/4" garden hose.
  • (2) 3/4" worm gear clamps for garden hose fittings.

If you order two of these, we will include a continuous 20' length of hose with one set of end fittings. The longest length of hose we can ship is 100 feet, however you could easily make a longer length using our 3/4" barbed straight fittings sold separately.

All parts are compatible with either pure water or antifreeze/coolant.

We also sell 3/4" barbed straight fittings so you can repair this hose in a hurry just in case you somehow manage to damage it.

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