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Intercooler Pump

Water to Air Intercooler Radiator Pump, Rule 401FC

WAT001000 by Shaman Equipment

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These Rule 401FC pumps are designed for livewell/baitwell/bilge applications but their high flow rate and low cost makes them ideal for use as water to air intercooler pumps.

  • Must be mounted at the low point in the system - these pumps push water but they will not pull it.
  • Must be mounted after the water in your system is cooled (after radiator or icebox) - excessive heat may result in premature pump failure.
  • Pump operates on 12V-14V DC.
  • Flow rate: 500 GPH.
  • Designed for use with room temperature water, however we have tested these pumps long term with 130 antifreeze/coolant with excellent results.
  • Designed with a minimum 1500-hour service life in mind, these pumps come with a 3 year warranty direct from Rule/ITT. However, use with high temperature water and/or antifreeze/coolant may void this warranty.

Pump is brand new and will be shipped in retail packaging.

For detailed specifications, please review the specification document provided by Rule: CLICK HERE FOR DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS.

Intercooler Pump

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