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Your New Oil Pump Mounting Bracket

Oil Pump Mounting Bracket

5.25" Pump Mounting Kit

CLA000722 by Shaman Equipment

PRICE: $8.99

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Use this pump mounting kit to mount a water pump, fuel pump, oil pump, or anything else cylindrical to the frame of your vehicle. This kit includes our pump mounting bracket with vibration dampening pads and screws, plus our 5.12" to 5.43" T-bolt clamp - everything you need for a stable and lasting installation. Works perfectly with cylindrical objects with outer diameters of 5.12" to 5.43".

We've seen kits similar to these for sale on the Internet for up to $35! Ours are simpler in design and easier to install, plus they include vibration dampening pads and screws. The bracket is curved slightly along the surface that contacts the pump to increase pump longevity.

Oil Pump Mounting Bracket

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