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Silicone Boost Vacuum Hose

Silicone Boost/Vacuum Hose Shop Kit, Red

VAC000592 by Silicone Intake Systems

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This Silicone Hose Shop Kit is perfect for any shop, home or professional.

Silicone boost/vacuum hose something that can hold up a project. It is a small, inexpensive item that comes in a large array of sizes, so why not keep some around just in case?

We used our statistics on how popular each size is to decide what to put in this kit, so it's just right to have around for miscellaneous projects or for selling to customers in your shop.

This Silicone Boost/Vacuum hose is perfect for a variety of applications.

  • Replace any rubber hose in your engine bay
  • Installation of aftermarket accessories such as a boost gauge or BOV
  • Improve the appearance of your engine

People always ask us why it took us so long to add boost/vacuum hose to our product lineup. Well the answer is simple:


It took us some time to find a way to deliver a boost/vacuum hose that lives up to our high quality requirements. Most aftermarket silicone boost/vacuum hose that you can buy is too thin to carry vacuum! It will collapse under vacuum causing a wide array of problems, including high emissions, incorrect gauge readings, poor gas mileage, and possibly even engine stalling. Finally, we are able to deliver this super high quality silicone boost/vacuum hose with extra-thick walls, providing increased resistance to collapsing under vacuum.

aftermarket boost/vacuum hose
Our Silicone Boost/Vacuum hose has extra thick walls to prevent collapsing under vacuum.
Thicker walls also make our hoses more resistant to nicks and cuts.
Smooth, slick, shiny and easy to clean, this is show quality hose.
Substantially more resistant to cracking or fading than regular rubber engine bay hoses.
Higher heat and chemical resistance than regular rubber engine bay hoses.

Kit includes the following:

(18) 4mm Red Silicone Boost/Vacuum Hose Per Ft.

(12) 6mm Red Silicone Boost/Vacuum Hose Per Ft.

(6) 8mm Red Silicone Boost/Vacuum Hose Per Ft.

(8) 10mm Red Silicone Boost/Vacuum Hose Per Ft.

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