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Water to air installation kits make your project a breeze.

Water to air installation kit

Water to Air Intercooler Installation Kit (1200HP)

WAT001013 by Shaman Equipment

PRICE: $59.99

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You might as well save yourself 38 trips to Home Depot.

This kit contains everything you need to install the water system for our Water to Air Intercooler Kits:

  • (2) Brass 1/2" NPT Male to 3/4" Barbed Straights for heat exchanger.
  • (2) Brass 3/4" NPT Male to 3/4" Barbed Straights for intercooler core.
  • 10 feet of our super high quality, purpose-built 3/4" Water to Air Intercooler fluid lines
  • (6) 3/4" worm gear clamps for fluid lines

All parts are compatible with either pure water or antifreeze/coolant.

Our 3/4" fluid lines flow 44% more than 5/8" hose! ((3.14159*(3/4/2)^2)-(3.14159*(5/8/2)^2))/(3.14159*(5/8/2)^2)=0.44

Unlike the 5/8" hose you would find locally, these intercooler fluid lines are purpose built for carrying hot water in an extreme environment such as in your engine bay or outside of a moving car. We also sell 3/4" barbed straight fittings so you can repair these fluid lines in a hurry just in case you somehow manage to damage them (or cut them wrong.)

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