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Water to Air Pump 0392022002

Cobra 0392022002 Intercooler Pump and Harness (House Brand/Aftermarket)

WAT009690 by Shaman Equipment

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This water/air intercooler pump is designed for circulating water in water/air intercoolers.

Unlike other bilge pump-based solutions available, this pump is designed by Bosch and Ford specifically for water/air applications.

This is the aftermarket version of Bosch's popular 0 392 022 002 that is used in many of the supercharged Mustang Cobras and supercharged Mercedes. It is the type of OE replacement part you can get at the auto parts store for only twice as much if you know how to ask. It is mechanically identical to the Bosch version while costing around half as much and carrying our own 90 day warranty instead of the Bosch warranty that has to go through about 40 intermediaries before being honored.

Water to Air Pump 0392022002

Unit conversion shows that this pump along with the Bosch version flows 317 GPH; any seller who advertises differently is incorrect.

Technical document by Bosch describing their version, that also applies to this aftermarket version: CLICK HERE FOR DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS. This pump will draw 2.5-3.5 amps depending on other factors in your cooling system.

VERY IMPORTANT! We ship these pumps with a wiring harness adaptor that will give you positive and negative wires to connect the pump electrically. Most sellers of this pump just ship it with the socket and you have to find your own adaptor. The adaptor can cost up to $20 plus shipping by itself!

The Bosch Cobra Water to Air Intercooler Pump is designed for a 16 gauge wire, which this part has. Most connectors you will find being sold for this pump are fuel injector connectors with 18 or 20 gauge wire which may result in poor pump performance, voltage drop, or dangerously hot wires.

VERY IMPORTANT! Some sellers are incorrectly selling a smaller pump as the 0 392 022 002. Their version has a housing diameter of 1.6" while ours is 2.3". It has the same connector type and inlet/outlet size so most people don't notice, but it flows significantly less and is not suitable as an intercooler pump unless you're riding a motorcycle. If you find one for a lot less, it's probably that. We only offer the full size version that is mechanically identical to the Bosch version.

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