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AN Lines Pressure Tester and more - right here!

AN Lines Pressure Tester

AN Lines and Fittings Pressure Test Kit: -10AN

ANF000628 by Shaman Equipment

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This pressure test kit is just what you need to make sure the job gets done right the first time.

After building your stainless steel line terminated with our SS line to AN Female fittings (sold separately), just install the plug on one end of the line and the adaptor and test valve on the other end, then use an air compressor to pressurize the line to the desired test pressure. The valve is the same as a standard tire valve stem.

AN Lines Pressure Tester

Unlike some other, more costly and complex solutions for testing stainless steel lines, these pressure test kits are small and versatile. Troubleshooting a problem? You can pressure test your lines without pulling them all the way out of the vehicle. Or for those tighter installations, you can actually build your line in place and still test before making the final connections.

An oil or fuel leak can be dangerous to both your engine and yourself. We recommend pressure testing all SS lines before installing.

Kit includes the following:

  • AN Plug, Silver
  • AN to NPT Female Adaptor, to 1/8''-27 NPTF Silver
  • Coolant System and Head Gasket Pressure Test Valve

Because this kit uses AN standard threads, it will work for testing AN lines from any manufacturer, not just ours, provided that the line is terminated with AN female fittings.

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