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EVO 8 T-Bolt Clamps

Cajun Power EVO 7, 8, 9 T-Bolt Clamp Kit

CLA000311 by Silicone Intake Systems

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Cajun Power T-bolt clamp kit for your Mitsubishi EVO.

This set of T-Bolt Clamps is designed to replace the worm gear style clamps that come with a stock Evolution.

With significantly greater clamping force and reusability, these stainless steel T-bolt clamps are far superior to the stock worm gear clamps. Under increased boost, many EVO owners were complaining of boost leaks and piping blowoff with the stock clamps, and this kit will fix it up right away.

This kit was developed and pioneered by a forum user cajunpower.

Some people have mentioned to us that a 2.75" clamp works better on the throttle body than a 3" clamp, however the 3" clamp works perfectly for some people. We include with this kit an extra 2.75" clamp at no extra charge, just to make sure it works for you the first time around!

Kit includes the following:

(3) 1.5" T-Bolt Clamps

(2) 2" T-Bolt Clamps

(7) 2.5" T-Bolt Clamps

(1) 2.75" T-Bolt Clamp

(1) 3" T-Bolt Clamp

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